We are a specialized group in management and projects planning, and our activities vary between the private business sectors in several countries and the governmental sectors, we provide services to all sectors including economic and legal aspects, public relations and investment.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, we have branches and affiliates in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Kingdom of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

The group has been classified as a business management expert rating and has been accredited as an expert in project management number 7838 globally from the United Kingdom 2009.

The Group is active member of the American Marketing Association since 2003 .

Our projects are distributed between Spain, France, Greece, several European countries, North Africa and the Middle East in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, while extending to other African countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe Ghana, and other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain as well as some Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.



Madrid – Spain


  •  Madrid - Spain +34 666 430 101
  •  Riyadh - Saudi Arabia +966 506 413 473
  •  info@repecinversiones.com